Center for Women and Children Development │ CWCD

Center for Women and Children Development, CWCD was established in 1995 as Community-Based Organisation and in 2000 as Non-Government Organisation. The organisation was focusing on Vulnerable children and Disadvantage women (marginalized women) ever since.

Following the increase in the numbner of street children, the organisation started the pre & primary school known as Albehije Frankosea school so that it can accomodate vulnerable children who are prone to lack education if there is no urgent measures (mitigation) taken to rescue the group.

Our mission is to facilitate follow up of the platforms for action in order to treasure matters pertaining to women and children in such a way that their basic and secondary rights are met and catered for to ensure for their survival through holistic approaches that they are supported for development.

Mama Hindu runs a charitable organization in Arusha. She has dedicated her life to helping women and children by empowering the same and enabling them to cope with their struggle against violence.

Mama Hindu and her team are such giving and caring people and it is truly beyond comprehension to describe everything they do for the community. Mama Hindu also takes in disabled children that are shunned by their families and makes sure that they are given a place to live, love and an education. 

There are some awful stories of what the Maasai do here to unwanted children – she educates them to facilitate change for these outdated and unnecessary traditions. Currently, local people are learning how to sew in order to make reusable sanitary pads. 

Young girls will not attend school without protection and miss many others opportunities due these problems (also the obvious sanitary issues). There is a shortage of female sanitary products.

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Joining us on Safari also means what you pay will go directly to the
Center for Women and Children Development a Community - CWCD
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